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Rancho Santa Rita and other ranchos in Sierra de la Laguna represent wildlife sanctuaries ideal for peaceful and mindful seekers. These ranchos are managed by Mexican local families that recognize the relevance of natural balance and the preservation of resources. Due to it's incredible geology, Santa Rita rancho is one of the few places with both refreshing and thermal waters, along with incredible landscapes and beautiful but sensible wildlife.

Arriving early in the morning is usually a good decision. In a subtropical region with water stress crisis, biodiversity sanctuaries provide universal ecological benefits, which are evident when visiting, for example, an oasis in the state of Baja California Sur. In this peninsula, twilight life is constantly embraced by the currents and breeze of the Pacific Ocean, so environmental conditions are unique for healthy outdoor activities. El Rancho Santa Rita is one of the most emblematic locations in the region, as it offers inclusive access to the Sierra de la Laguna, a federally protected Mexican biosphere reserve.

The rules for visiting are simple and consist of responsible behavior in the reserve. Dogs or other external animals are sadly (and strictly) not allowed, so non-human buddies must seek other destinations. This rule lies in the delicacy of the habitat we are visiting, since it demands the least possible disturbance to maintain a healthy balance for all, including protected species of plants, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. 

Low-impact interactions allow visitors to admire natural sanctuaries like Santa Rita, as they are hotspots for wildlife and therefore, a paradise for bird watching and wildlife photography lovers. Observation and silence are good allies to lead your steps trough the rancho, as wildlife usually will respond to your behaviour (which includes decisions and degree of disturbance). In any case, you are following rules, so nature will respond accordingly. 

Mexican protected reserves are designed for people to enjoy biodiversity, as humans can find peace, rest, health, and contemplation of their own existence. In the thermal pools of Rancho Santa Rita, people can feel minerals on their skin along with an ideal temperature for muscle relaxation. These pools contain ions from the inner Earth, so the conjunction with peace and heat are ingredients of the secret formula that benefits all people who bathe in these waters.

Ecotourist activities include hiking, swimming, and camping with suggested astronomical observations. Nature express vibrantly in these federal protected reserves. Expressions of nature are evidenced by usual human-wildlife encounters which enables photography, snorkeling, and bird watching. Remember to be well equipped (good shoes and swimming suit are recommended!) and behave respectfully with your surroundings. There are public rustic restrooms and a BBQ area to prepare your own food. 

Depending on the season, wildlife photography can be both intimate and challenging. Although easy to detect, birds and reptiles move within the light and shadows from the ecosystem, so geology plays a relevant role as it incentives the maximum effort of bird watchers, photographers, scientists, or any other explorer. 

You can visit this local rancho from 9-17 h; Thursdays-Tuesdays as it closes on Wednesdays. It offers camping spots and a beautiful rustic cabin. Please be respectful and listen to the owner's indications. As it occurs with other national parks, all visitors are required to pay a federal fee, and locals pay a cheaper fee than national and international visitors. Be conscious that outsider germs could affect the local inhabitants of the region, so if necessary, wear your mask and consider other healthy cautions when visiting. 

To get there you will need to arrive by car to San Jorge. The easiest way is to first arrive to Santiago, and then to San Jorge. There are "Rancho Santa Rita" signs along the dusty roads. A key is to always follow the main road. Until the writing of this blog entry, Google Maps was a useful tool for arriving to San Jorge. Be careful in your driving in Baja, as almost all roads require responsible drivers and a low speed for a safe trip. If you require more wild tips, detailed info, or just want to share your thoughts you can always send me a message.

Some of my wildlife pictures were captured during my visits to beautiful places like this. If you are planning to visit or just dine in La Paz waterfront, you can visit my current exhibition "Secrets of Baja" where you will find Fine Art pictures from my travels.  

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